Life Insurance

It’s never too late to get Life insurance. And when you do decide to take this step of protecting your family’s future, you can count on us here at Stanton Insurance to help you. We specifically cater to Illinois residents in Oquawka and Galesburg.

Why get life insurance

Life InsuranceIt’s easy to get caught up with the daily things we need to do to provide for ourselves and our families that sometimes we forget to think of the future too. And getting life insurance is one of the best ways you can prepare for the inevitable.

Yes, it hurts to think about it – the day we need to leave this earth and our loved ones – but it happens. And when you know you’re leaving your family with something that will still help them live their lives even without you, you’ll feel more at peace with yourself.

Getting life insurance sure is recommended for breadwinners because these great persons are the primary providers of their families. But it’s also wise for persons who aren’t breadwinners to get life insurance. First because funeral costs are expenses your family wouldn’t be expecting in the event of your death. And second because life insurance will help ease their feelings of loss despite the sad event.

Aside from preparing for the inevitable, life insurance can also be considered an emergency or savings fund for the future. Some insurance providers have this option wherein you can use part of your claim and convert it to cash. You can then use this money to pay for your mortgage, use it as your retirement fund, or use it for your child’s education expenses.

How to get life insurance

With these things in mind, you can now decide on the specific items you’d like to have in your life insurance policy.

You would also need to consider your current financial status to see if you can afford certain types of life insurance.

And you would also need to do a personal health check so you can provide this information to your insurance provider.

Your best option to shopping for life insurance without the stress is to contact your local insurance agent and talk about your options.

We here at Stanton can assist you if you’re an Illinois resident. Contact us and we’ll help you compare coverages and prices and give you more information on what’s involved in getting life insurance.

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