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Family Owned and Serving the Community since 1919


Stanton Insurance Agency in Monmouth and Oquawka provides professional insurance advice for residents and business owners throughout the state of  Illnois and Iowa.


Our goal is to ensure that your coverage meets your needs. We will create a proposal specific to your needs, and review how various coverages will work for your financial situation. 


Stanton Insurance is an independent agency with mulitple companies, allowing you to get the right coverage at the right price.  We are in business because we love the personal connection to our clients and we are here to help you with claims or any questions you may have.


Carriers Stanton Insurance works with:

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Auto Insurance Monmouth IL

Home Insurance in Monmouth IL

Business Insurance In Monmouth IL

Farm & Crop Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance Monmouth IL

Boat Insurance in Monmouth IL

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