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If you own a farm, growing and selling crops or raising and selling livestock and their produce, then it’s best to protect your investment and livelihood. Like any other business, a farm needs insurance coverage against unexpected devastations that may cause you to lose everything you’ve worked for. And we here at Stanton Insurance can assist you in getting the right farm insurance policy if you’re a resident of Illinois.

Basic farm policy coverage

cropsThe basic policy protects your property and you against litigation liabilities. The following are the specific coverage you can expect to see first:

Property coverage – with this coverage your insurance provider will help you repair or replace your equipment, infrastructure and other possessions used in farming should they be damaged due to natural disasters or fire.

Additional living expenses – in case your property is unlivable due to the damage it incurred, your insurance provider can help you pay for temporary housing and other living expenses until you can settle in your farm again.

General farm liability – in case a person is injured or another person’s property is damaged and you or your employee is found at fault for this accident, you can count on your insurance to help you pay for the medical expenses or repair of the property concerned. The general farm liability is sometimes broken down to premises liability, operations liability, pollution liability, and product liability. It’s great to have all these in this umbrella insurance because you never know when an aspect of your farm could cause injury to others.

Other necessary insurance for farmers

Now depending on your produce and your community, you may need additional types of insurance aside from the basic coverages mentioned. Below are 3 more types of insurance you might want to consider adding to your policy:

Crop insurance – this will help you have additional funds should your seasonal crops get damaged by unforeseen disasters.

Agri-tourism insurance – if you hold tours and other public events in your farm, then this will help you with any liability that might arise from those events.

Worker’s Compensation insurance – if you employ workers to help with your farm operations, then you’re required by the state to get this insurance.

A farm is a business altogether and if you’re like most farmers, your farm is your home too. And we understand that. Call or email us here at Stanton if you want to have one in place now because we understand how critical this insurance is to your lives.

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