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home insurance in Monmouth ILWe here at Stanton Insurance are dedicated to helping you every step of the way so you can easily find the right Home insurance for your Illinois property. We understand that each homeowner have different financial needs that’s why we’ll talk with you about your specific circumstances to find the right policy at the price you can afford.

Things you should prepare

It is essential to know however that you need to have some information ready before contacting any insurance agent or provider. This way processing your custom quote will be faster and more convenient for you.

The initial information often needed are:

  • Your demographics or info such as name, age, credit score and history, etc. of the person whose name will appear on the policy
  • Your house’s value
  • The value of the house’s contents
  • The materials your home is made of (brick, cement, or wood)
  • The age and condition of your house


Common insurance coverages

The details you provide will help determine what type of coverages you could choose from. But the standard policy often includes financial assistance for:

  1. Home and structure repair
  2. Repair and replacement of personal possessions in the event of theft or fire
  3. Liability in case someone is injured while in your property
  4. Medical expenses to help pay for medical bills of persons who got hurt while in your property
  5. Living expenses if your home is too damaged and you can’t live in it for a specific time

How to get a more affordable or discounted premium rate

The amount of your premium would also vary depending on the insurance provider. But there are some things that can help lower the rate even before you get your quote like:

The material your home is made of.  If your home is made up of brick or masonry, the premium asked is often lower.

Your credit history.  Persons with good credit history give insurance providers more assurance so often they are quoted lower premiums than those with bad or questionable credit scores.

The age and condition of your home. Newer homes are given lower rates because they pose lesser risks of repair or replacement.

Security or alarm systems. When these protective devices are installed your home is considered safer and insurance providers agree with this thus they ask for lower premiums as well.

And lastly, ask for discounts. Insurance providers and agents like us can give you other options so you can get lower premiums such as bundling it with auto insurance or something similar. Call or email our office if you’re an Illinois resident and we’ll be glad to talk with you about your options.

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