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MotorcycleA motorcycle insurance policy is required by the state of Illinois before a motorcycle owner and driver is allowed to hit the road. So we here at Stanton Insurance are ready to help the residents of Oquawka and Galesburg, Illinois get the right policy with the coverage and rate that fits their needs.

Illinois motorcycle insurance requirements

Driving your motorcycle as soon as you get it is exciting but as mentioned the state of Illinois warrants every driver of this vehicle to have an insurance policy. Law enforcement officials might even ask to see your insurance card when you’re on the road. And failure to show this proof could lead to license plate suspension and other penalties. The state is simply concerned with the devastating effects of road accidents including financial costs incurred by all parties involved.

That said, the minimum coverage you should have in your insurance should be:

  1. $15,000 for property damage liability per accident
  2. And $20,000 for bodily injury liability for one person per accident

These will help you cover costs should you be the one found at fault for a road accident.

But you may find this isn’t enough because you may be injured too in those kinds of mishaps. So you might want to consider adding the following types of coverage in your policy:

  • Collision – will help you cover costs if your own motorcycle needs repairs
  • Comprehensive – will help you cover costs of repair or replacement if your motorcycle gets stolen or damaged
  • Personal injury protection – will help you cover medical expenses if you’re injured

These additional coverages will protect you and your vehicle so you’ll have more peace of mind while riding your bike.

Factors that affect your premium rates

With all these types of coverage, you might be starting to worry that you need to pay high premium rates. But there are certain factors that determine the amount you’ll be charged for motorcycle insurance. And these will be considered by your insurance provider to come up with a rate that’s reasonable for both parties.

These factors include your age, gender, and the type of motorcycle you drive. Male motorists younger than 25 years old are often charged higher premiums compared to those older than 25 and female drivers.

There are other ways to get discounts on your motorcycle insurance and the best way to get more information is to talk to your local insurance agent about it. And if you’re in Illinois, contact our office and well help you figure out the best one for you.

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