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At Stanton Insurance, we offer you custom Commercial insurance policies at the right price to help you protect your business and assets. We service the residents of Illinois in Oquawka and Galesburg no matter what the size of their business is.

Why you need commercial insurance

Business InsuranceDifferent businesses have different insurance needs but it’s common for them to have employees, properties, and customers. Whether you run a restaurant, an office, or a service-based business, you’ll often have these 3 things because without them, your business might not run as smoothly as it should.

So in order to take care of these assets, you need commercial insurance. A commercial insurance might be an expense in the beginning but it definitely is necessary to help you stay afloat in the long run.

Though commercial insurance is not mandatory in Illinois, it’s still wise to invest in it because according to the Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch, the state is among the worst the US has seen when it comes to litigation abuse with lawsuit settlement expenses averaging at $5000. Simply put it’s better safe than sorry.

Commercial insurance coverage you should get

The type of protection you should get would depend on your business assets and operations. The standard ones you you can include in your policy however are the following:

General Liability – this will help you cover expenses should someone be injured or other’s property gets damaged because of your business operations. This is often recommended to small and home-based businesses which don’t have extensive business operations.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance – when you employ staff to help you operate your business, then you need this coverage. Whatever work they do for you, it’s best to have funds you can use should accidents or injuries happen to your employees while on the job.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance – if you use a car or other types of vehicle to transport your products or provide your services then you need this insurance. The type would still depend on the vehicle you own.

How much commercial insurance you should get would be up to your ability to pay but your local insurance agent can help you think things through much better. Things such as whether you’re in a high-risk business or not and exemptions would be taken into account. If you’re doing business in Illinois, let’s talk about your commercial insurance needs. Call or email us, you’ll be glad you did.

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